Rates and Skills

We currently offer freelance consulting (proposing solutions to problems, useful and literate reports), programming (Python, Perl, Ruby, Php, Java (ugh), MySql, Html) and some teaching/training.

Also, we can provide technical writing and editing for manuals, policies and articles, five years experience at a French computer manufacturer.

As a guide, commercial rates start at £450 per day and non-commercial rates start at £170 per day. There’s some flexibility in this, if the relationship is good.

In the main, we do not undertake work based on ‘asp’, C# or any Microsoft toolsets. Two exceptions, of course, is that we do some work with Mono on Linux and have experience with Samba.

We don’t do hardware repair, but can often revive old, working hardware with a Linux distribution. Don’t throw those old PCs away, someone may be able to use them, maybe even you or your company!

The principal has over thirty years experience at various levels in the IT industry, an Open University MS speaks fluent French. If you’d like a complete CV, please use the contact form and tell me why you want it.