Fed up with long expensive reports that don’t say or solve anything? Want a simple website that won’t cost the earth (incidentally, we’re ecologically aware too)? Want to extract data, make a simple database, choose some software? Want some actual help?

Hugh Barnard is principal of Big Wave Heuristics. He has over thirty years experience in the computer industry, including work for the European Commission and Parliament, Alcatel, the BBC, Honeywell-Bull and many others. He is available by the day, week or month (the maximum is 60 days at present, due to prior commitments) in the East London area and (within that area) an initial consultation is free.

Big Wave Heuristics is oriented toward the use of open source, FOSS solutions, so we usually add value rather than buy licences. Also, some free support may be available to suitable non-profit projects in the East London Area that wish to take this approach to computing.

And, if you’re wondering, here’s a quick explanation of heuristics.