Activity Week Ending 14/5/2021

Skipped a week, but:

  • Search engine for co-create, Forest Gate submissions at:
  • Now preparing and using new test server with nginx as reverse proxy for the above + datamap + cclite2
  • Lots of meetings, bigplaistow and make.good, though I dislike meetings
  • Work on the mobile side of this is the test instance, so not always up. Mainly need mobile data testing and working out how to get info through proxy_pass
  • Starting to use Reaper instead of Pro-tools, need to RTFM, 300 pages

Activity Week Ending 30/4/2021

  • Released new version of datamap:
  • Now running to help with informal gardening and recycling, ask me for details
  • Working on template translation for datamap and cclite2 as separate project
  • Community assembly feedback due, but £100K is not going to fix the Woodgrange mess
  • Talked to co-tech, specifically Creative Coop about some ETL work
  • Last European contract not renewed, probably due to Brexit.

Activity Week Ending 23/4/2021

Skipped a week: